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I track the tag #kappermix





only art students/art enthusiasts will get how cool this watch is

literally everyone knows who salvador dali is

but can everyone name five of his albums…


Some DRAMAtical Murder sketches because of reasons. My 3 top favorite guys (although I DO NEED to draw Noiz one day!).


Cowgirl! Sakura is my new weakness rip me

Friend: What do you look for in a guy?
Me: Makoto Tachibana


this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image


maybe the real aesthetic was the friends we made along the way


ぐるぐる - guru guru - round and around, spinning

hey lovelies before i go to bed i’m just gonna leave my anime list here.

i finally understood how to change the theme and how to deal with css so yeah :)

it looked kinda odd for a hella, hella long time and i’m happy it looks proper now. goodnight everyone <3 c:

nathanael-platier replied to your post “i wonder who the new character for dmmd voice actor is gonna be….”

He shall have rainbow hair, he shall be the gayest of the gay

and he will be a french guy with the name, arc-en-ciel